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Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy. The lifeblood of brand building. Today, more than ever, for a company to flourish and stay ahead, it must repeatedly pay attention to the strategic course of its brand. The business of brand-building never stops. A customer-centric brand strategy is the way to go for organizations as business owners and stakeholders face rising challenges that seem to have no end. The rise of numerous communication channels, continuous technology updates, and global barriers are not helping the cause either.

This is where IDM can help. We work with our clients to uncover insights that lead to educated and inspired approaches to achieve clients’ goals. IDM will work with your brand to create a brand strategy revolving around all the intangible and tangible elements that are affected over time, fuel brand awareness, establishes brand equity, and of course brand sentiment.

IDM would love to refine, create or curate your brand with a spirit, emblazoned with listening, creating, and sharing work that our clients would love to know and cherish. Drop us a line and let’s build your future, together.

Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is all about influencing the target market’s perception to achieve competitive advantage over competitors. Looking at your brand from an external eye may seem a harsh reality, but an objective and searing in-depth look into the brand, is exactly what’s needed to begin the long journey to brand positioning. Brand positioning if not influenced in a proactive manner, will find a place in the consumer’s mind with assumptions which may not be what the brands intends to achieve.

This is why IDM with its objective approach helps businesses brings focus and clarity to understand where the brand stands and where it aims to go. We do this by scrutinizing how your brand is positioned, analyze competition and then we can figure out what makes you stand out from the competition; coming up with a positioning statement that is aligned with the business goals. It doesn’t always have to be a company holistic brand exercise but it all depends on the brand and its positioning needs.

The challenges your brand is facing are unique to your brand. That is why, the insights achieved from analysis are used for tailored marketing campaigns, association building and brand design to convey a “certain” brand positioning which could be premium, reliable and timeless in the consumer’s brain.

In conclusion, the human brain has been and will be a fiercely contested space. With each passing day, it is becoming more challenging to cement a spot in the minds of the consumer. At IDM, we have the experience and expertise needed to help your brand take up its distinctive place in consumers’ minds.

Brand Identity

A brand identity is all of the elements that visually represent a brand.

Brand Identity is all about the visual and verbal presence of a brand on all the possible touch points a business is looking to host. This can be; but not limited to your logo, font, visual styles, sounds, corporate communications, and human interfaces on the digital and physical mediums.

Brand Identity is the face of the brand. A meaningful well-designed identity connects with the head & heart of the target market, leaves a memorable trail of attributes & associations and puts the brand ahead of the competition in the minds of the prospects.

Businesses evolve. Designs evolve. What may work today, might not work tomorrow. A design may lose its competitive edge, or may no longer hold the same image due changing demands of the market or a design revolution which may have been overlooked by the brand. This can impact the business proposition in a negative way. To counter this a well-thought out brand identity that is tailored to be efficient and withstand the tests of time and market changes will be an asset helping the business to grow.

IDM’s approach in delivering brand identities involves listening, researching, collaborating, thinking and then creating the right brand identity. We believe brand identities have to work well in order to target the right audience and deliver favorable results and help the business make a name for itself in the long run.

Let’s connect, and brand your future!