Project Background

Buysing is an online marketplace based in London, UK that connects hotel owners and suppliers in the UK and aims to revolutionise the hotel industry and make the procurement process more efficient. Buysing’s goals were to achieve this by creating a digital presence on various platforms, communicating effectively to establish a brand, and raising awareness through innovative content on social media and relevant online communities. 

The Solution

After conducting deep competitive research, IDM differentiated Buysing with a focus on elegant design and a broad scope of hotel supply categories in the UK Market. This required a special focus on brand design and taking it to reflect on the social media and content push. The effort was to align their visual identity, communicate brand messaging, and tell a strong brand story through Buysing’s content strategy. 


IDM’s approach to promoting Buysing involved using various platforms, emphasising Organic SEO approaches to target a long-term image for Buysing along with on-page and off-page optimisations for brand penetration and awareness. The strategy was to utilised relevant networks and groups, including hotel suppliers, business listings, discussion forums, Yellow pages and other related groups.  

buysing instagram post

The Results

We’re happy to say the digital strategy was a success. Buysing made a strong social media presence, and through design and communication efforts, the brand positioning was successful raising awareness about Buysing Ltd. in the UK hospitality industry. 

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