Importance of Digital Marketing on Social Media

A business can only thrive in the digital world if it has a digital presence on multiple social media platforms. In today’s digital era, Intelligence De Marque (IDM) has been a valuable source for businesses seeking to boost their digital needs and social media presence in the UK.

The world is in recognition that social media platforms will continue to dominate the digital world in 2023, especially when we talk about the UK; research suggests that British consumers are most willing to engage with companies through social media. Also, according to Statista, 84.3% of the British population uses social media, making it the sixteenth country with the most significant social media consumption rate and ten ranks ahead of the United States. Source

As a result, IDM’s role in assisting businesses to effectively harness social media to reach and engage their target audiences is growing in importance.

Similarly, the most commonly used social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are continuously growing and advancing. Interestingly, if we talk mainly about Facebook, then around 200 million businesses (primarily small) use Facebook, and over seven million advertisers regularly promote their business on Facebook. Source

Hence, IDM ensures that businesses are encouraged to continually adapt their strategy for using social media to be both valuable and practical.

IDM is keen on helping businesses in increasing their visibility and achieve success by developing a social media marketing strategy that is both detailed and effective. IDM can help SMEs and SMBs build a social media strategy that aligns with the aims and objectives they have set for their marketing efforts. This method is necessary to identify the target audience’s demographics, determine which social media platforms are most suitable, develop a content strategy, and set measurable objectives and key performance indicators.

In addition, it is essential to provide exciting information while using social media. Therefore, businesses need to develop content that resonates with their target audience and is easily accessible. IDM can assist companies in creating a content strategy that uses both written and visual aspects, such as pictures, videos, blogs, and graphics. Also, IDM has an excellent command of developing and handling social media profiles. It can establish and manage social media profiles for businesses, ensuring that they are optimized for search engines and tailored to attract and engage followers. This strategy involves setting a consistent brand and selecting an appropriate profile image, and writing a description that appropriately expresses the company’s beliefs, services, and brand goals.

Advertising on social media platforms is another viable tactic used by IDM. Paid advertisements on social media platforms can more effectively broaden their reach and increase interaction with the help of IDM. In addition, it can assist businesses in their efforts to advertise on social media in several ways, including developing advertisements, categorizing audiences, and analyzing campaigns.

Moreover, to determine how well social media marketing campaigns work, one needs to monitor how social media platforms are doing. IDM can help organizations track and analyze social media performance indicators like accessibility, interaction, and revenue and make decisions about how to improve their social media strategy based on what the data says.

In conclusion, IDM will benefit businesses in 2023 in effectively utilizing social media to reach and engage the audiences they are aiming for. Companies can accomplish their marketing goals by defining a comprehensive social media strategy, offering exciting content, establishing and managing social media profiles, adopting social media advertising, and analyzing and monitoring social media performance.

The Team at IDM is very receptive and is available to meet your needs. Drop us an email or contact us through the website. 




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