Industries Served

Aerospace and Defense

The global aerospace & defense market is expected to grow to $755.24 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8%. The market is expected to reach $1047.07 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 8.5%. Aerospace & Defense Industry globally is facing a challenging situation they try to surmount in the form of prudent customers and snowballing market race.

This makes the A&D Industry to manage costs and change their focus away from innovation. Industry is facing the lengthy product life cycles and governing compliance together with other pressing concerns which this industry is looking to address efficiently.

The $7.5 billion A&D Industry in a post pandemic era is focusing on realigning goals and boosting positive upshots for future. This has suppressed response and feedback on the traditional design, manufacturing, and supply chain facets of the industry. On the other hand, new possibilities have opened up. This is where the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) steps in and helps build the industry on the pillars of innovation. These are futuristic automation, supply chain reconfiguration, AI & Analytics centered design and an innovative ecosystem to generate new business models through IoT.

IDM’s strong business consulting, implementation capabilities and application management capabilities enable business transformation and allows for a unique positioning in solving complex problems. With a deep understanding of A&D Industry processes and comprehensive technology solutions, IDM can drive transformation and quantifiable business value.


The automotive sector is in a state of motion. With emerging technologies and a transforming landscape, there is an ever-increasing demand for tailor-made products and customized experiences, very high-quality standards, the need to be environment friendly and of course the reduced operating costs are some of the major challenges faced by the industry.

To remain competitive, companies are under pressure to set themselves apart in order to get ahead of competition. There are opportunities companies are looking to avail in order to implement cutting-edge tech and advance with their business processes. It is high time for companies no matter the size to embrace innovative ways to not only to differentiate from the competition; but to lay a robust foundation for the future.

At IDM, we combine expertise, operations knowledge and valuable insights into the new emerging technologies. This includes end-to-end solutions for the automotive industry to enhance digital experience of their customers, increase revenue, and improve operational excellence.

Capital Market

Capital markets business space are struck by a rapid transformation drive due emergence of technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and new standards shaping up fintech. Adding to the woes are declining revenues, rising costs, and stringent compliance standards impacting the capital markets. The rising demand of value-added services, 360 solutions can only be tackled by process re-engineering of core systems, adopting agile and knowledge- centric capital management solutions.

IDM aims to deliver impactful clear advantage to companies dealing in investment asset management and Financial Market Infrastructure and Fintech Initiatives through extensive automation, handshakes with top industry-leading solution providers, futuristic tech corps, and firms with the following best-in- class features:


The retail industry is witnessing a model shift. Fast evolving technologies, new customer expectations, and emerging digital businesses are driving waves of disruption. Undoubtedly, from an overabundance of new products, markets, and customer segments to an expansion of sales & marketing networks like mobile first, social market and fintech, retail is at a threshold. Based on fast changing customer insights, Markets are now demanding rich shopping experiences that are tailored, hyper-connected, and appealing. Furthermore, forces like explosion of data and connected devices, software defined infrastructure, cloud backed services, and result-driven digital platforms. This makes it all the more important for retailers to show prioritized efforts in embracing tech and business process optimization.

However certain challenges remain. These include lack of business models, siloed applications, and the inability to deploy new technologies. These impede the delivery of a seamless, omnichannel shopping experience. To overcome these obstacles and future-proof businesses, a robust and end-to-end strategy is the need of the hour.

IDM helps secure businesses drive success in the digital age and allows retailers to navigate the new digital age with confidence by transitioning from traditional solutions to business outcome-oriented ones. We collaborate and help craft a fruitful path to business transformation. We believe that engaging competitive strategies are established through an exceptional combination of out-of-the- box innovation, brilliance in execution, and flexibility to deal with unexpected challenges.


The world as a whole is witnessing the impacts of what tech can do to life as it happens. The defining changes that are ripping through traditional norms are setting new standards of acceptability. No matter the size of the organization, customer focus has become the center of all commercial focus and top priority. This calls for network transformation, flexible architecture, advancements to new business models, and more.

IDM’s offerings designed to help SMEs:

• Seamlessly create and execute work-from-home 2.0 strategy
• Build and support a digital front office to enhance go-to-market capabilities
• Seamless alignment of business and IT, throughout the organization

The world runs on software. The post pandemic surge in software solutions demand calls for not just the delivery of solutions, but it has to compete on terms as being useful, secure and must have gone through an agile approach. The inception of IoT has gained fame and has made its mark along with AI, ML and other emerging technologies.

Talk to us about how we can help you with digital transformation consulting, mobility and cloud solutions, cybersecurity, analytics and IoT, automation software, cloud, SaaS, technical support, data engineering, and much more. IDM’s Hi-Tech offerings and account leaders are focused on clearing the way and providing guidance to achieve these goals.


The COVID pandemic, if it has brought something to light; it’s the healthcare sector.

The world has seen the devastation and havoc the pandemic has spread. The major objectives of health care namely patient care experience, optimization of health outcomes and reduced healthcare costs have been hard to achieve for health organizations.

With managing positive health outcomes, it is all the more important to address the intrinsic challenges of transitioning to modern and emerging technology systems. The collective challenge of streamlining systems, people and processes along with an integrated communication base between different stake holders is a key concern in the industry. Navigating through an evolving regulatory framework is another issue for the industry as they continue to struggle in investing significant time, effort and money to keep up with regulatory directives.

These major challenges call for an ideal IT partner that is capable to understand the business processes and technologies that can be aligned to empower the goal centricity efforts of investors.

IDM is always at the cutting edge of the pursuit to endlessly progress on best practices in healthcare IT consulting services. We offer best in class medical services to SMEs to the evolving challenges if the industry while capitalize on Return on Investment.

Industrial Manufacturing

The growing digital revolution calls for manufacturers to converge and develop a network where both operations and suppliers can connect. As business complexities grow, the need for a collaborative and smart platform with enhanced service capability becomes the need of the hour.

Exploring and investing in the emerging technologies today is looking at incremental revenue growth in the future. It is to invest in future that will allow the businesses to take all the positives from the business cycle enabling customer discovery, evaluation loyalty and much more.

IDM through digital consulting and expertise and emerging tech, have the expertise of delivering solutions that enable industrial manufacturers to generate value to their stake holders and customers. We deliver industry- specific services and solutions, provide greater visibility in optimizing supply chains, improve productivity, process transformation, and enhance customer experience. This helps Industrial Manufacturing companies to navigate through the currently evolving landscape and lead up to cutting-edge solutions that are innovative and safeguard profitability.

Media and Entertainment


Macromedia, it’s what the web can be; and it has become. With the inception of developing trends such as digitalization, multi-platform content consumption and the omnipresence of social media; the proliferation of connected devices has led to data being produced in enormous volumes. This calls for analysis of this data into valuable and actionable insights. The impact of this is leaving its mark on the Media and Entertainment companies as they race against time to compete in embracing modern tech to stay in the game.

With this outlook, IDM has designed its digitalization offerings to support tech- led transformation of business processes. This effort enables the digital media firms to boost customer relationships and shape imminent infrastructure that permits a single view of data across a business.

With IDM’s Collaborative Digital Model, businesses cover customers’ requirements for end-to-end solutions to help clients minimize operational costs while maximizing revenue.

We offer cutting-edge solutions to simplify several operational aspects:

 - Content life-cycle management
 - Digital rights management
 - Access and entitlement
 - Digital asset management
 - Collaborative environments


Gaming industry has evolved over the years. As new technologies, new devices emerge and newer platforms with amazing devices have change the scene for the gaming industry. The gaming entertainment industry has also seen an enormous swing in how it delivers the content and engages users.

With Metaverse in the works, there has been great excitement among big players and gamers around the world as they see the transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Along with the technologies involved, there has been great emphasis on the content push and filling up the vacuum of digital assets, driving the growth of Web 3.0.

This is where IDM’s experience in crafting content for the web comes in. From 3d environments to graphical assets, IDM delivers without compromise. Our team of designers, visualizers and concept artists excel in delivering game related graphical assets on time and on budget. We create aesthetically superior art for all gaming platforms and offer end to end art, design & animation services.

IDM Offers:

 1.  Art-Assets
 2. Game Objects
 3. Background Art
 4. UI/UX
 5. Environment & Objects

No matter what content you’re crafting, it must always be put in front of the right people. Emails today continue to make their mark and recognized as a mainstay of marketing and proves that even after fifty years, it isn’t going away any time soon.

Email is still going strong as it lets one communicate directly to prospects and gets right into their inboxes; targeting niche segments ensuring the message is being sent to the right audience at the right time. It’s visible, cost-effective and preferred.

The goals companies look to achieve through email strategy could be brand awareness, product awareness, stimulate loyalty to the brand as well as motivating users to visit websites and other channels of the brand. With beautifully designed rich text emails, IDM can help you choose from the following common email practices:

General campaigns and newsletters:
Good when you’re just starting out

Email to targeted segments on your list:
List of emails based on market segment data

Automated messaging:
Welcome emails, announcements or delivering top content

Real Estate

Technology is a catalyst working its way into the fabric of change that surrounds the tech industry; speeding up ways, enabling conducive environments for the human race to hone their skills, live a better present and look to a bright future.

The inception of tech in most aspects of life and the benefits it delivers has had people wanting for more. The “What can be imagined; can be delivered” philosophy is what driving people to tech like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). We see that the application of such tech in Real Estate has made people change the way they think real estate. All you need is a VR gadget to visit a plot or a house, floor planning, panoramic tours and even designing an apartment are just to name a few.

Such immersive experiences take customers into complete virtual world of properties offering clarity in products & services and helps consumers to visualize their dream home. IDM helps businesses to engage with their customers at any time and any location to ensure seamless understanding to their requirements thereby saving time and cost at the same time.

We at IDM offer endless possibilities in transforming your conventional real estate vision into impressive and engaging shows for your clients through the use AR & VR tech. We work on exterior, interior, 360-degree panoramic tour, floor planning, AR/ VR Apps, 3D views of properties, 3D Architectural Models, 3D visualizations, websites and application software to offer our valued clients the best in class experience.


IDM focuses on helping SMBs and SMEs to adapt to the growing needs of eCommerce and other digital blockers in the toy and game industries. We love building cutting edge solutions supporting businesses with everything from strategy to implementation and post-launch marketing. We are your one-stop shop for building and creating the next generation of digitally enabled toy and game related companies providing the necessary e-commerce platform and content to sell, exchange, promote and grow in the industry.

IDM specializes in the following areas:

  • Brand storytelling
  • Shopping platforms
  • Barter & Exchange Platforms
  • Inventory management
  • Games & Puzzle Design
  • Chat Systems

Interior Design

In 2015, the global market value for interior design was 87 Million USD.

In 2021, the global interior design market was valued at approximately 121.1 billion USD with an estimated CAGR of 6.75 percent. This means an increase of approximately 28% in market value in 5 years and counting.

No matter what design practice you specialize in, it’s worth the time and patience. Interior Design is no exception. We cannot run away from the fact that interior design is part of our lives and part of what we love every day. With the growing need of interior design businesses to show case what they do best is evident from the growing number of websites and online presence. It is not just the presence that they need. Its an investment that not only requires financial investment but more importantly it requires investment in choosing who is the right choice that can understand the business needs, positioning, target market, design philosophy and technological acumen to deliver top of the line solutions.

We, at IDM are a team equipped with not only the craftsmanship of interior design related projects but we also have comprehensive experience and know how to understand what value emerging tech can add to your design business. We not only build platforms where interior design firms showcase their portfolio, but also give you the power to share your work with clients around the world. IDM has been helping out SMEs in crafting their dream interior design platforms and would love to listen and build your aspirational goals in to reality.


With every passing day, technology is changing the scene for every participant in the fashion industry.

Promising technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Blockchain have inspired development of a range of applications in the age-old fashion scene. This has allowed old methods to evolve in quick time not only for business benefits but it also has triggered a change in tastes and fashion. Almost every aspect of the industry is being automated or enhanced by technology allowing for faster production, effective inventory management, and a wide range of online and in-store retail experiences.

An upsurge of new advanced manufacturing processes, new distribution channels, raw materials and new materials will increasingly allow brands to offer highly-personalized products and experiences. This is only possible through partnering with a technology company that has the capacity to understand such dynamics, knows the industry and clears the path to a promising future.

With IDM, companies can look at the following priorities today to add tremendous value to their business functions in the future.

 a)  Improving digital engagements
 b)  Growing profitability of e-commerce operations
 c)  Omnichannel store enablement
 d)  Building a robust and efficient supply chain
 e)  Resolving labor shortages and rising workforce costs

Capital markets business space are struck by a rapid transformation drive due emergence of technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence and new standards shaping up fintech. Adding to the woes are declining revenues, rising costs, and stringent compliance standards impacting the capital markets. The rising demand of value-added services, 360 solutions can only be tackled by process re-engineering of core systems, adopting agile and knowledge- centric capital management solutions.

IDM aims to deliver impactful clear advantage to companies dealing in investment asset management and Financial Market Infrastructure and Fintech Initiatives through extensive automation, handshakes with top industry-leading solution providers, futuristic tech corps, and firms with the following best-in- class features:

 >  Efficiencies through front-to-back automation
 >  Facilitation in service constructs
 >  Optimization of entire processes for customers centric solutions
 >  digital customer onboarding
 >  Customer centric hybrid advisory tools
 >  Fintech focused innovative solutions for our customers

IDM solutions, crafted on combinations of internal and partner proficiencies

cover the following range:

  1. Integrated Services (infrastructure + applications + business operations)
  2. Business Processes as Services (BPaaS) with consumption-based pricing
    models Innovative engagement models for delivering BPaaS
  3. Use of data & analytics to inform and support investment
  4. Use of AI and ML for advanced reconciliations
  5. Solutions with futuristic technologies
  6. Transformation of core business processes and platforms
  7. Application Management Services
  8. Digital customer lifecycle management