Project Background

Steelofy, an esteemed online marketplace located in Manchester, UK, aims to revolutionise the UK’s industrial steel market. Their goals were to establish a digital presence and achieve a high ranking on the first page of search results. With the top 3-5 positions, raise awareness on social media, gain recognition in the steel industry and relevant online communities, and ultimately increase lead volume through creative content publishing. 

The Solution

We utilised a multi-platform approach, prioritising organic SEO and social media marketing across various platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our primary focus was on creating and sharing relevant content within specific communities. We maintained a consistent brand approach to ensure proper positioning. 

The Results

We successfully improved Steelofy’s SEO ranking and increased its social media presence. Our efforts resulted in greater awareness of Steelofy in the steel industry and increased brand recognition. As a result, Steelofy UK is now the top-ranked result on the Google search engine. 

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