Digital Marketing

Attracting, Engaging, Retaining.

In today’s dynamic, digital business landscape, customers have the luxury of finding offerings available online and can go about their purchasing decisions at a convenient pace across multiple touch-points; thanks to digital-led marketing across the internet.


In today’s dynamic, digital business landscape, customers have the luxury of finding offerings available online and can go about their purchasing decisions at a convenient pace across multiple touch-points; thanks to digital-led marketing across the internet.

The rise of communication devices and corresponding data has shifted the focus of businesses to end-user engagement making this an insightful, value driven platform for marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing has enabled maximum possible reach at the lowest costs for businesses and has enabled the curious end-user to analyze the available options and make a calculated and value driven purchase action proving the importance of SMEs investing in digital marketing.

Attracting, Engaging, Retaining

Digital marketing utilizes channels like websites, social media, website blogs, email campaigns, influencer marketing and mobile apps to connect with the current customer base or expand their reach to potential prospects.

This is how digital marketing is changing how business entities strategize, gain and grow new leads. According to the Digital Advertising market, 58% of total ad spending will be generated through mobile in 2026.

IDM can help SMEs in reaching customers in an effective way through following ways:

  • Reach wider demographics
  • Reach your target audience at a low cost
  • Measure brand’s online marketing strategies
  • Customize offerings to appeal the prospects and to your target market
  • Engage existing clients.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps businesses rank their websites in top results of search engines.

About 64% of marketers actively invest time in search engine optimization (SEO) [HubSpot, 2020]

The challenge for businesses to be relevant online for search engines is to have meaningful content providing value, be relatable to the target market, solving a particular problem through a combination of interest based content along with optimizing the backend of the website through well-defined search friendly tags, descriptions and titles to get better rankings when searched over the internet.

SEO Approaches

IDM helps you grow through the following proven SEO approaches:

SEO Copywriting

This is about crafting engaging, optimized and value-driving content looking for target prospects

Technical SEO

This is about making the site technically sound and friendly for search engines to have better site rankings, driving more traffic and achieve results

Link Building & Outreach

Experts at IDM work on boosting your website’s scores against similar sites in terms of successful search engine results building brand awareness

SEO Audit

IDM ensures periodic SEO Audits are in place to stay on course in improving speed and performance of the site

Local SEO

Using the power of Google My Business and local search, IDM finds ways to reach and help prospects become converts

On Page Content

Great looking on-page content goes well with technical position of the website and results in approaching better conversion rates

New Audiences

The wider the range of content topics, the better chance there is for brands to reach increasingly bigger audiences

Content Creation

Whether you are looking to push sales, increase social media presence, improve on the website contents or enhance your digital presence, IDM has the answers.

Coming from a broad array of diverse industries, we craft your dream brand through relevant and aesthetic content leaving the audience with a special place in their minds. The more your audience can connect with your brand, the deeper the impact, relationship and following will be.

IDM can help build brand associations and attributes of your brand to fortify a meaningful brand-customer relationship by sharing relevant content showing customers your appreciation for their needs.

SMS & Email Marketing

No matter what content you’re crafting, it must always be put in front of the right people. Emails today continue to make their mark and recognized as a mainstay of marketing and proves that even after fifty years, it isn’t going away any time soon.

Email is still going strong as it lets one communicate directly to prospects and gets right into their inboxes; targeting niche segments ensuring the message is being sent to the right audience at the right time. It’s visible, cost-effective and preferred.

The goals companies look to achieve through email strategy could be brand awareness, product awareness, stimulate loyalty to the brand as well as motivating users to visit websites and other channels of the brand. With beautifully designed rich text emails, IDM can help you choose from the following common email practices:

General campaigns and newsletters:
Good when you’re just starting out

Email to targeted segments on your list:
List of emails based on market segment data

Automated messaging:
Welcome emails, announcements or delivering top content

Short Message Service (SMS)

Over the course of time, customer feedback has made organizations think critically and has resulted in targeting customers through personalization as this marks a more strategic approach. SMS in this cause will continue to grow more as shoppers are tending for new ways to connect with brands.

As companies expand their retention efforts, they make sure to keep in mind the whole customer journey and devise strategies for personalization. SMS has been extraordinary in helping companies generate revenue on a literally immediate basis through rapid content consumption and engagement on client side.

IDM recommends that if businesses want the customers to act fast; SMS is the way to go. With phones becoming the go to place for customers, it has become one of the most engaging platforms as well.

IDM can help brands create meaningful personalized mobile experiences that nurture relationships and engages the customers effectively impacting the ROI.

Video making / Photography

IDM recognizes the leading trends in communication and media in modern times. Video has become the king of content with YouTube leading the position with more than 2 billion logged-in users per month and feeds over 1 billion hours of video each day to users. This shows the potential to gain attention of your target market on YouTube and other video platforms with targeted campaigns resulting in incredible exposure.

With brand photography on the rise with Instagram and similar platforms to host brand stories, it is only natural for the brands to focus with a purpose on photography. IDM offers brands the opportunity to make meaningful impact with video and photography that makes a difference.